30 minute Fire Cupping Session




Cupping is a healing method used by many cultures around the world. A glass cup is placed on the clients skin and creates a vaccum. This vacuum causes the blood to circulate to the surface bringing any disharmony, stagnation, in the body to the surface. Examples are arthritis pain, abdominal pain, indigestion, headache, hypertension, common cold, cough,low back pain, painful menstruation, eyes red, and swollen tissue.

  • Optimal duration of a treatment is 3-15 minutes for each body part.
  • Cupping will leave a red-purple color in the skin.
  • Parts of the skin that show redness should remain covered with clothing.
  • Skin will return back to normal in 3-14 days.

Chinese Medicine believes all bumps, leathery patches, and built up connective tissue are a result of stagnant Qi (Energy) and Xue (Blood).

Cupping is not recommended if clients energy level is low or tired, and prohibited if pregnant.

Please contact therapist with further questions.



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