YBE Festival Presenters 2020

Yoga Body Elements Festival 2020

$108.00 $88.00

⭐Mark Your Calendar⭐

Virtual Yoga and Wellness Summer Solstice Festival
Saturday, June 20th, 2020
8:00 AM-8:00 PM
**Virtual on Zoom**

⭐Festival Line-Up!⭐

8:00 am Kirtan and Medicine Song with Jen Shin and Cindy Huston
9:00 am Swami Shymananda Das
10:00 am Astrology in 2020
with Dawn Silver
11:00 am Yoga for Creativity
with Sarah Driscoll
Noon Kirtan with Devi2000
1:00 pm Restorative Yoga
with Cindy Huston
2:00 pm Awaken Your Purpose with Jeff Jones
3:00 pm Kirtan with Ellen Radha Katz
4:00 pm Egoscue with Brandon Snyder
5:00 pm Pilates with Angelica Palomo
6:00 pm VinYin with Dana Podell
8:00 pm Candlelight Vinyasa with Jackie Jasperson